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Lexington Vacuum and Miele have partnered in business for many years. Both agree that the customer is their primary focus. We strive to ensure that every customer is completely satisfied not only with the vacuum but also with their overall purchasing experience. We invite you to enjoy the experience.

For 107 years, Miele has produced vacuum cleaners of the highest-quality and durability. Visit Upstate New York's only Miele DIAMOND Dealer, and see the difference a Miele makes. Whether you have carpet, hard floors, or any combination, we can help get the perfect cleaning solution in your hands. Our extensive inventory of Miele vacuums, supplies, service and support, are all under one roof at Lexington Vacuum.

The Miele Air Clean-Filter system makes Miele the #1 recommended vacuum cleaner by allergy doctors for a lifetime of better breathing. All Miele vacuums carry the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.
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While all of our dealers exemplify the spirit of "Immer Besser," a select group of our dealers stands out with an even greater brilliance. Dealers who are dedicated to achieving excellence with continued support and loyalty to consumers are being offered the opportunity to join our new and exclusive level.

Goals, challenges, and trainings are offered to these dealers so that they can improve their commitment to exemplify the very best in customer service and support. Exclusive products are then given to strengthen the relationship and demonstrate how much their loyalty is valued.

With the Diamond Dealer distinction, we aim to recognize outstanding Miele dealers for their continued loyalty and demonstrated excellence in service and consumer satisfaction. Recognition for the Diamond Dealer includes exclusive products that you will find only in their store.

These machines are limited edition pieces and can only be purchased from Diamond Dealers who understand the Miele philosophy and will demonstrate customer service to the highest degree. Buy a Miele vacuum today!

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"Fantastic local business! Everyone in the store knows vacuum cleaners and everyone is so helpful. I had my Dyson fixed here beautifully and purchased a Miele as well. And they have such a large assortment of gadgets and supplies. Such fun! Don't go to large department stores when you can get such superb customer service and such knowledgeable staff at a local business."

Debbie C, Yelp
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